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Hello, I’m

Dali Jurcisin

User Experience (UX) Designer

I focus on solving business problems by making websites and applications more intuitive and easy to use. I ensure client goals are met using user-centered design providing valuable research and improvement opportunities showing that any area of life and business can benefit from a great user experience.

Chicago Public Library

End-to-end user experience design which includes strategic planning, research, design, testing, and user interface design

Case Study

Artfinix Studios

Artfinix Studios is a start-up based in Chicago with a mission to create a culture for artistic people to do what it is they do best.

Case Study

Blue Sky Medical

A project to discover new ways to aid in healthy habit formation using concepts of gamification and the power of play.


Floyd's 99 Barbershop

This was a two man, two-day service design project using the UX research and ideation methodology.


Let's Start

Project Assessment

One of the best ways to begin is with a User Experience Audit. This method provides a way to pinpoint less-than-perfect areas of a digital product, revealing which parts of a site or app are causing headaches for users. UX Audit should let you know how to boost conversions by making it easier for users to achieve their goals on your site or software.

UX Audit

Usability Review

Most platforms can benefit from a UX audit. If you would like to improve the feel, look and flow of your platform and have a seamless experience the usability review provides many benefits. It’s always important to keep your users in mind.

Target Pain Points


An existing website that you want to grow will greatly benefit from a UX audit, as it helps to realize the pain points that your users experience. This is true for startups with a growth mindset focused on improving the user based experience of their platform.

Design Checklists


I provide a design checklist, screen by screen analysis, insights discovered, and a detailed write up with suggested improvements for your platform. The expected cost for this type of project depends on how in depth you want to go. Pricing varies depending on client needs.

Improvement opportunities

Seamless Experience

Get a usability review of your website, app or service. Discover improvements and opportunities for your digital platform. Contact me and tell me about your project. For a simple write up all I need is your website url address.

Contact Me.

I am happy to provide a FREE Consultation and give you a clear idea of what to expect from me. I can asses your platform and provide improvement suggestions to let you decided if I am a good fit for your specific needs.